Friday, 30 November 2012

Chou Chou ...I Love You

The other day I was walking around Waterloo Station and happened to notice a newly opened Lush store! I adore Lush; Despite their products sometimes being a bit over my very low, horrible price limit (The price I pay for being a poor University student in one of the most expensive cities in the world) I always manage to purchase something before leaving the shop - I have a huge weakness when it comes to innovative, cute beauty products! It's awful.

However, as I was perusing Lush's famous bath bombs, I noticed this tiny gem - Whether or not it's new to their range of products I'm not quite sure, but I surely have never noticed it before!

Introducing Lush's Toothy Tabs. They come in a variety of flavours/scents, but I wound up choosing the 'Chou Chou  ...I Love You' tabs, since I just couldn't get over their lovely rose scent! As per most if not all of Lush's products, the cute, simple design is matched with what appears like a matchstick box. After sliding off the cover, the box containing the 'toothy tabs' reveals a quirky doodle of a dog's smile. The overall idea is for Lush's customers to hold up the design to their face and take a photo, which can then be uploaded either to their Facebook page or their website. Such a cute idea!

And the fun doesn't end! As for the final product -

The tabs work by using one each time you brush your teeth. Just insert one of the tabs into your mouth, placing them between your teeth and biting down until they're all crunched up. Then, taking your toothbrush, just brush your teeth as per usual - That's it! I will admit that when I first tried this, the tabs' flavour caught me off guard..After all, it is rose-scented, so I suppose it would! But the result? Dreamy, rose-scented breath that smells utterly wonderful! The scent also lasts quite a while, becoming sort of a perfume for your mouth. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

Have you tried the toothy tabs, or any other products from Lush? What are your thoughts on them?