Tuesday, 9 April 2013

& Other Stories Wishlist

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So as I'm sure you are all aware of by now (in fact, probably you, as well as your sister, your mother, your grandmother..and so forth..) that there is a brand new shop on Regent Street by Oxford Circus so aptly called, & Other Stories. If you haven't visited the flagship store as of yet, I highly recommend that you do - Even if just for a browse. A friend of mine from New York came to visit this past week and we went to scour what the sister store of H&M, Cos, and Monki had to offer - Let me tell you that we were definitely anything but disappointed.

I wasn't so much as interested in the clothes, or even the shoes - Although, I did fall in love with a cute black wedge-heel number that was a bit out of my typical price range.. - as I was with the purses and the beauty department. The layout of the store is very modern yet comfortable, painted in white and with neatly, organized sections and stalls.

I spent quite some time perusing the skincare products, especially the store's own matching body soaps, scrubs, and lotions - There's even a sink area for you to test them out before you buy. It sort of reminded me of the sink area in Bath & Body Works, which, anyone from the States should get that reference. I thought that I would love the Rose Revival scented products (since I love anything rose-scented) but I particularly fell in love with the Shinjuku Bloom scented products, which reminded me of a cross between sweet pea and fresh flower scents. After testing the soap, scrub, and lotion on my hands, I can assure you that the scent lingered for the next few hours - I definitely looked like the weirdo sniffing her hands (mostly in disbelief that the scent lasted so long!) whilst walking in and out of shops on Regent Street that day!

I've included below a wishlist of some products from the store that I would consider buying. For anyone on a budget (like me!), I do think that the store has some great buys that are affordable and also look great. The beauty products are a bit pricey, but still not terrible for what they are and what they deliver, so if you are a bit hesitant, go in store and try the products for yourself! I always suggest to try out products on yourself and wear them throughout the day - If by the end of the day (or a few hours, even) you find yourself still intrigued by it, then buy it (if you can afford it). No harm done..Well, maybe for your wallet, in my case..

You can check out & Other Stories here - www.stories.com

Have any of you checked out & Other Stories yet? Have you tried/bought any products from them? 

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