Tuesday, 5 February 2013

KMS California UK Birchbox Event

After a night of skincare bliss, I was invited yet again to another Birchbox UK event. This time, it was in partnership with KMS California UK at their KMS Hair Academy in West London. Upon arrival, I was greeted again by the lovely Birchbox UK staff with champagne and yummy cake pops. After sitting down and waiting for the even to start, I was approached by two stylists from the academy - One of them, the lovely Nicola Smyth, asked me if she could use me for her demonstration on stage, which I was more than flattered by!

I was taken backstage where the other stylists and their models sat being styled. I was then explained that the reason I, amongst the other two models, was chosen for the demonstration was because of KMS' philosophy - That their products are aimed towards real people; people who can't get styled at a salon or by a stylist everyday, but those of us who want to achieve great styles in the comfort of our homes by ourselves. I thought it was a great concept on their part. During this time, I was able to talk with Nicola about KMS' hair products - Their benefits, as well as how I could style my hair with them.

I was then taken on stage for the demonstrations. The hairstyle that was demonstrated on me was a twisted-knot bun. Surprisingly, it was so simple to achieve - Nicole explained how to create the look quick and easily. It's definitely something that I am now fitting into my daily hair routine, since I almost never wear updo's (Mostly because I don't know how to achieve any of the hairstyles that I like). It's a great way to wear your hair either formally or informally, which makes this very universal and great to constantly wear!

After the demonstration, I was approached by people who were saying how much they loved my hairstyle - I couldn't get over it! I'm not used to the flattery, so it was nice.

Nicola then re-explained the products she used on my hair, and guiltily on my part, I bought all of them! Definitely not nice for my bank account..But in defense, they are great products! (I also couldn't get past the 40% discount that night, so I suppose it was for a bargain..) I received a sample size of the Free Shape Quick Dry spray in my January Birchbox and absolutely fell in love with the product, so I knew that I was going to be buying a full size of it. I have very long hair, so this spray helps speed up the drying process and leaves my hair feeling ├╝ber-soft and shiny afterwards. The Free Shape Heat Defense spray makes my hair feel even softer,  as well as protecting it from my blowdryer and it helps hold my style for a few days, especially if I straighten my hair - Which is fantastic! Finally, last but not least, I've never used a texturizing or salt spray on my hair before, mostly because I was wary of them making my hair look/feel too greasy, but this KMS version - The Hair Play Sea Salt Spray - is absolutely brilliant - Nicola instructed me to spray a bit on dry hair, flip it over and blowdry, then flip it over again, brush my hair smooth and then scrunch/mess it up however I like! The best part is, you can reapply the spray up to 2-3 times and it won't leave your hair greasy or weigh it down, which for me is a huge plus.

Before leaving the event,  I was given a goodybag with some bonus sample products from KMS - The Silk Sheen Styling Creme, the Free Shape Hot Flex Creme, and their newest product launching soon!, the Hair Play Playable Texture.

So another great night from Birchbox UK! I'm looking forward to more amazing events in the near future.

Have you ever tried any products from the KMS California range? What did you think of them?

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