Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Birchbox UK March - Role Models Themed Box

In favour of Mother's Day being in March over here in the UK (I know, fellow US readers..it confuses me too!), Birchbox UK have decided to focus on a theme for this month's box that reflects those who matter most to us, whether they be directly related to us or influential in some obscure way (celebrity idolists, I'm looking at you). The products in this box are meant to allow us to reflect on those mentors, as well as similar mentors within the beauty industry, such as Laura Gellar and Molton Brown.

I have to say, in receiving this month's box I was actually very pleased with the quality, amount, and diversity of the products that were sent to me. Also, unlike most other boxes, I wasn't too displeased to find out that other subscribers had gotten different products or 'better' products than myself. The only differences that I was able to spot with other Birchboxes this month were of those who received a Laura Gellar gel eyeliner in purple and of those who received a beauty blender - But these products were chosen based off of subscribers beauty profiles, so it was a bit understandable.

Anywho, onto the products themselves:

Molton Brown Valbonne Fine Fragrance, 2 mL:  I had known about Molton Brown before receiving this sample perfume, but had never tried any of their fragrances since they were a bit too pricey. In testing this product, I was a bit taken surprised by the scent of this perfume as it is different scent than I am used to. It's quite musky and warm, with notes of bergamot, orange flower, vetiver, leather, provencal mimosa, rosa and deep purple orris. It sits really nicely on the skin, blending well with the natural pheromones of the skin. Definitely a must-try; I am almost finished with my sample and quite sad to say so!

Laura Gellar Beauty Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner in Black, 2.3mL: I love gel eyeliners as I think they are the best in application and long-wear for eyeliners, so I was really glad to receive this. I haven't tried any products from Laura Gellar before receiving this product, so it was great to try a new line. The packaging is really compact, great for travel - The brush is easy to store within the lid of the product. The eyeliner itself is quite pigmented and creamy as well, great for application and you don't need to retrace your lines as much as you would with any ordinary eyeliner. As for long-wear, I have found this product to last me all day by itself, or, if I'm having a particularly oily/combination skin day, if I apply some neutral eyeshadow underneath, it helps set my look for the day.

RMK Cleansing Balm, 25g:  I was really excited to find this product in my box this month, as I'd never tried a cleansing balm before but have heard so much about them and about how great they are. I had heard a bit about RMK, but not much to know their products or their stance in the industry. This product has a lovely, non-overwhelming rose scent and a light pink, creamy, butter-like texture. I've only ever needed about a 20 pence/dime-sized amount to cleanse my face with, so I know that this product may last me a little while, which is great. I don't use it in the morning because I find it better to use at night whilst taking off my makeup and deep-cleansing my face - It also leaves my face very soft.

La Sultane de Saba Body Lotion with Argan Oil, 30mL: A brand I hadn't heard before receiving this box. I really love musky scents, so this product is great - It has a soothing, musky, powdery scent that reminds me of my grandmother, but in a good way (That probably sounds wrong..Oh well). Once applied, it sinks into skin almost immediately, leaving skin soft and smooth afterwards. Shame it didn't come in a bigger package!

Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream, 3g: Apparently this brand and product are well-renowned and considered to be a cult product in Japan. It's a multi-purpose balm to be used on your face, lips, hands, elbows, feet, or anywhere else that needs some extra TLC. I tried a bit of it on my face as a moisturiser for the nighttime, and found it leaving my skin very soft in the morning. The only downside is that the scent of this product is from camphor, which smells a bit medicinal and menthol-y.

Lindt Lindor Heart Tin with Chocolate Truffles: This was a lifestyle extra in the box that I was happy to see when I received it, as who doesn't love chocolate!? Especially Lindt truffles! Definitely a lovely treat to receive, and the heart tin is cute - I may save it for some jewelry or small trinkets.

Sanctuary Thermal Transformation Face Mask: This was a beauty extra in the box, which was a bit of a surprise. I've used products from Sanctuary before and have liked them, so I wasn't wary in receiving this product. I haven't tried it yet, as I have so many other face masks to get through - I think I have a bit of an obsession... - but when I do, expect a review!

Last but not least was the March Birchbox magazine that has become sort of a ritual to include in each month's Birchbox. Again, same as last month, I have nothing but good things to say about the layout and contents of the magazine as I think it provides a great variety and amount of articles, product reviews, and interviews with notable brands and figure-heads within the industry. Another stellar job!

So that was the March UK Birchbox! What did you guys think? Did any of you receive different products/samples to try out? 


  1. I've become obsessed with RmK's Cleansing Balm - but your skin feels AMAZING afterwards!!


  2. Hi Killian!

    That looks like a great birchbox! I'm in the US, but I love seeing the contents of the UK birchboxes! In the US, there are usually ~30 different birchbox variations that you can get each month.

    Also, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can check it out here: