Thursday, 14 March 2013

Wonder Pore Freshner : Etude House

I've really been getting into asian skincare regimes, especially with products from Korea - Have you seen what they launch over there!? Snail moisturisers, sheet masks, cute packaging..I could spend hours on the internet looking through products labelled with 'asian skincare'. I suppose it's become a bit of an, er, obsession..

Upon looking into some asian skincare brands, I came across Etude House from Rachel's blog, Blush and Brunch (found here!). I don't know too much about the brand, as there isn't too much information on how the brand started out on their website or on any other information websites - Also, most of their social media platforms are predominately in asian languages - Due to their popularity in major parts of Asia, including South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, and more. There aren't many sites or places to buy products from Etude House, but if you're interested, you can usually come across any of their products on Ebay or Amazon for decent prices (plus free shipping, most of the time!).

Introducing..Wonder Pore Freshner.

I found this product through my Ebay excursions one day. It seems that a reoccurring trend in a lot of asian skincare products is to reduce pore size and to cleanse the pores more thoroughly. I'm constantly having issues with my pore size, especially around my nose area (Blackheads are also certainly not nice to look at, and no matter how much you try to cover them up..They still like to reappear!) so of course I was very interested to try this product! It was seriously love at first sight.

I ordered my trial size of the Wonder Pore Freshner via Ebay and received it about one and half weeks later from Korea - Not bad for standard international shipping! I immediately loved the cute, yet simple packaging of the product - It sort of has a Benefit feel to it, don't you think? (Maybe that's just me.)

After the first use, I noticed a slight dramatic difference - I could visibly see that it had tightened my pores around my nose area. It also left my skin very soft to the touch, and the scent of the product was not strong at all - Very refreshing. A little goes a long way! After a few weeks of use, I can proudly say that it does what it claims - My pores are visibly tightened and smaller in size. I still have some minor blackheads around my nose, but my skin has always been a bit stubborn around that area. (Speaking of..Can anyone recommend a product you use for similar problems, if any?)

Sadly enough, I am almost out of this product, as it is only a 25mL bottle. I would love to repurchase this, preferably in a larger size, but it seems a bit difficult to do - If anyone finds a larger sized version, please do let me know!

Have you used any products from Etude House? What's your favourite pore cleanser/toner/miracle solution?


  1. I love stumbling across holy grail products by chance. That is such a good deal and quick shipping - how long does the effect last, though? i.e. do the pores appear smaller throughout? I've tried pore refiners that work for a couple of hours but once my face becomes shiny again, the pores are back :(
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  2. Etude House is my favorite! If you want to get more products from them let me know, we can set a swap! I live in the Philippines.


  3. i've only read good things about this product. I've ordered in the 500ml and hope it does wonders for my skin like it does for so many! grea post, thanks for sharing! I'll be buying the wonder pore range and dong a full review in the near future xx