Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Glossybox UK: City Chic Edition March 2013

This month's Glossybox UK was themed as a 'City Chic Edition'. The premise behind this month's theme was to give Glossybox UK subscribers products that would help them achieve 'that glossy, groomed look that city girls miraculously manage to maintain from boardroom to barstool'.

Based off of what I had received for this month, I was a bit upset in receiving this box - I thought that the products were alright, but honestly felt that Glossybox could have done much more with their product range in this month's box. They have claimed that they have 'tried and tested until they found the hardest-working, multi-tasking, heavy-duty products', but again - Based off of what I had received this month, I was a bit unsure about that. It would be interesting to see if there was anyone else who had received a box with different products in it this month to compare with. However, nonetheless, I can't completely rule out this month's box as it did contain a brand or two that are notorious for having great products. I also really loved their 'My Little Travelling Book', which featured top attractions/restaurants in cities all over the world, courtesy of Glossybox's global network, as well as some cute stickers and blank pages for note taking. It was a good nod to their theme for this month and sweet touch to the box.

Nails Inc are a fantastic brand, and I've never had any negatives to say about their polishes. I remember receiving their Kensington Caviar Top Coat in my November Glossybox last year, and instantly fell in love. St. James is a beautiful, bright red colour (described in the pamphlet as a 'classic, pillar box red', but I personally think it's a bit softer in tone) with a slight hint of sparkle to it. It applies very smoothly, leaving a nice, glossy finish after application. I love the size of the product, as well - Although it's not full size (10mL), at 4 mL, it's still a great travel or handbag size to carry around with you.

I'd never heard of Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics before I received the Lip Blush in this month's box. I think the product itself is quite moisturising and has nice packaging, although I do wish that I had gotten the red colour over the pink one that I received, since the pink one applies quite sheer (I assume that the red one is a bit more pigmented -- Has anyone received it that can either confirm/deny that?) but when applied in layers, comes out as a bright, bubblegum shade. The packaging is simple yet really efficient; I love that to get more of the product, you just twist up from the bottom of the stick, as well. Despite the shade being a bit too sheer-er than I'd have liked, I still think it's great and will be good as a spring handbag essential!

Tresemme is another brand, although being a drugstore brand, that I think plays its cards right. I don't see too many beauty bloggers talking about the brand a lot, but I'd say that it's still one of those brands that does what it says and does it right. I've received a 100mL bottle of the Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray in this month's box, which is a great size and perfect for travel - I don't use much hairspray in my daily routine, as I generally like to leave my hair in a natural, flowing finish, but for what this product says it does, I'd say it does it fairly well. It has a nice hair salon smell to it, and if used correctly, it shouldn't weigh hair down too much. I would warn that if, like me, you're not one for stiff hairstyles and tend to leave your hair quite natural, but want a bit of volume or Oomph! to your hair, to spray just a small amount of it about 10 inches or so from your hair to avoid a stiff finish. You can always add more afterwards!

Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream Fragrance Free Skin Protectant seems to have a love/hate relationship amongst the beauty blogging world. Personally, this would be the first time that I've tried it, and honestly..I don't understand what all of the hype is about. First off, the size of the product that was included inside of this month's box was ridiculously small, which was upsetting, especially since this was a product that I've never tried before..Th product claims that it is 7mL, but it looks about 2-3mL. Second, in testing out the product on my hand, the application of it was very greasy - Almost like slathering butter onto your skin. It took ages for it to sink into my skin as well, even after massaging it in for seemed like ages. The smell wasn't too great, either, although I don't think it was as bad as some bloggers who have mentioned the product make it out to be. Maybe it's a product that needs to grow on me..

One product in the box that definitely grew on me after a few uses was the Juicy Couture, Couture La La perfume sample. It's quite a strong, gaudy scent, sort of pepper-y and musky, yet with very subtle hints of florals in it. It's not something that I would wear everyday, but on a night out or for a longer-wearing use perfume, I'd wear this. 

So that's this month's Glossybox! What do you guys think of this month's box? Did any of you receive different products in your boxes?

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  1. Oooh, love the colour of that polish! And the Lip Blush is so pretty. Nice selections this month! :)